Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Is it bad to start re-reading a book less than a week after you just read it?

So I have been sitting at my computer for the last half hour, trying to come up with a post-Book 7 blog post. I got nothin'. It's silly to some people, I'm sure, but this series of books means a lot to me, and nothing that I write seems to do my feelings justice (like saying the series means a lot to me). Also, I'm finding that it's quite boring to write a vague and non-spoilerific review, but once I get going and start talking about the book, I can't help but bring in spoilers. Which is completely against Katie morals. In the book of Katie morals, people who give out spoilers are right up there with Voldemort in terms of evilness.

Instead, I'll just say, "Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!"

And also, I'll ask a question. Is it just because it's summer, or is there some pathological reason why I cannot finish a pair of socks? I haven't even started the second sock of my Fawkes socks, nor touched the first of my mom's green pair. I'm blaming it on summer. It's kind of hard to get excited about wool socks right now. Especially with this wonderful book to re-read.

Friday, July 20, 2007


A fan's gotta represent.

Tonight kicks off my weekend 'o Harry. The last ever of self-indulgent weekends spent devouring the newest installment of Harry Potter, avoiding all media sources for fear of spoilers, and being elated by JKR's twists and turns (like when Snape became the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, instead of Slughorn, I absolutely did not see that coming). *sigh*

Anyway, I didn't finish my Fawkes socks in time for the book release (surprise, surprise), but I did finish the first sock. Tonight. One hour ago, to be honest (And do y'all think I'll ever get to a point where I don't have to look up Kitchener stitch to finish off the sock? Me neither). And since 1) I won't be wearing a pair of Fawkes socks to support my Order members, and 2) I refuse to wear a Gryffindor scarf in the middle of summer, I have decided to pair up my lonely Fawkes sock with one of the purple socks I knit earlier this year to make a pair of mismatched socks that Dobby would be proud of.
Hope everyone who is reading the book has a good weekend. But keep your Kleenex handy.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


At least I didn't make him do lines.

A snippet of our conversation after watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix last night:

Rick: So when do the kids start teleporting? Oh, I guess that's in the next movie.
Katie: Um...did you just say teleporting?
Rick: Yeah. I forgot what it's called.
Katie: It's called apparating. And I have to blog this.
Rick: No! Everyone will think I'm a dork for mixing Harry Potter and Star Trek references.

Katie: No, everyone will think I'm a dork for thinking this is behavior that must be corrected.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Ah, a Happy List...

I'm feeling rather uninspired and unmotivated today, and, as usual lately, just plain tired. There is so much to do to get our fixer-upper of a house child-friendly, but I have no energy. I am lazy anyway, and adding pregnancy fatigue and a month of rainy days is just not helping at all. So I'm making a new list today. A Happy List (capitalized and all) to help me feel better. Today the blog poses as self-help guru.

1. I took my inflatable kayak out for the first time last weekend. It's going to serve me well.
2. Harry Potter tonight! And also, all next weekend!
3. I did not get my husband an iPhone for our 'versary, but I did get him sewing lessons (and before you ask, yes, he does want to learn to sew). He starts tomorrow and will eventually get to teach me.
4. A very good friend and her very kind coworker just gave me a gazillion maternity clothes. I might not have to buy any at all! (which means more yarn money, yo)
5. My cats are really cute. Even when they fall asleep on top of the freshly laundered towels, and I have to decide whether to re-wash them or dry myself off with cat hair.
6. Someday, I too will be on Ravelry. I can deal with the jealousy until then.
7. I haven't thrown up in over a week. Can I get an amen?

Well, that's all I can come up with right now, but I didn't expect much more. I'm much better at focusing on the negatives, on all the stuff piling up on me. My actual To Do list is at least four pages long now. So as a first step towards positive thinking, this list will suffice. Now I just need to visit my site every so often to make myself feel better. And maybe do some knitting. Wait--did I just inadvertently add a couple things to my To Do list?

Friday, July 06, 2007


Today is also George Bush's birthday, but let's forget that, shall we?

Today is the tenth anniversary of Rick's and my first date. Ten years ago today, we attended an outdoor ballet at the University of Oklahoma followed by an hours-long coffee session at The Kettle. (Oh Kettle, how I miss you.) Rick didn't so much as try to kiss me goodnight, and because I had not yet encountered a gentleman at this point in my life, I figured that was that. But Rick called for a second date, during which I practically jumped him. Turned out he was interested after all. On our third date, I drunkenly belted out "Sixteen Going on Seventeen," from The Sound of Music while hopping from bench to bench in a gazebo and quickly fell from one of said gazebo benches, busting my chin open on the concrete floor. Classy, no?

Maybe it was at that point that Rick knew he'd finally found the dork for him. I don't know, but I lose track of our dates after that. We were simply together. Thanks for the last ten years, Rickus. And because I love you so much, I'm going to post this picture of you for the Internet:

This is what our Prairie Climber looked like after almost a month on Denali. I didn't recognize him when he picked me up at the train station in Talkeetna--of course, he was also driving the van of a local hotel, which was completely unexpected, so that may have had something to do with it. It didn't take Rick long after this picture was taken to buy a razor and some shaving cream. I guess he didn't like the mountain man look?

My last two days in Alaska with my husband were wonderful. I got to hang out with most of Rick's fellow climbers, listening to their adventures over the past month. They had an incredible time, and I think Rick really made some life-long friends from that climb. All the climbers wished me congrats on the pregnancy, and apparently, Rick had even been consulting them on baby names! Unfortunately, I couldn't have any post-trip drinks to celebrate with everyone, but Rick let everyone know he was "drinking for two."

As you can probably tell, I could go on and on about my trip to Alaska, but I don't really have many more pictures to show you (due to the low battery after my kayaking trip and all). I'll show you one more, just so's you know knitting did occur on this trip:

What a pretty place to knit. And happy anniversary, Rickus!

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