Thursday, July 12, 2007


At least I didn't make him do lines.

A snippet of our conversation after watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix last night:

Rick: So when do the kids start teleporting? Oh, I guess that's in the next movie.
Katie: Um...did you just say teleporting?
Rick: Yeah. I forgot what it's called.
Katie: It's called apparating. And I have to blog this.
Rick: No! Everyone will think I'm a dork for mixing Harry Potter and Star Trek references.

Katie: No, everyone will think I'm a dork for thinking this is behavior that must be corrected.

I am so not above ensuring correct use of the lingo, dork that I am. Teleporting? There's no teleporting in Harry Potter!
Could have been worse. That's not nearly as grave an offense as, say, er, forgetting the identity of the Half-Blood Prince. Not that anyone you know would do such a thing... *whistles*
Oh dear. lol
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