Saturday, December 30, 2006


Time for Coffee.

A sampling of Rickisms from this morning:

"Loki's making biscuits on me. Mmmm. Biscuits sound good."

"We celebrate Christmas with German Christmas trees and Mexican food. We really are mutts."

"Are your Mom and Grandma going to see Dream of Happyness or The Pursuit of Girls today?"

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


I do love quick and easy projects.

While Rick and I were staying at my sister-in-law's house this weekend, I noticed a tan washcloth in the sink. It was the one I made for her for Christmas last year, when I gave gifts of hand-made soaps, lotion, and washcloths. I was so excited to see it because it was ACTUALLY BEING USED!

Most of my family members never use the items that I make. Soaps sit in their wrapping for months and months, which is a shame because I don't use preservatives and all the scent will leave the soap in a couple of months. My mother's Christmas washcloth sits as a make-shift doily on her antique ironing board.

My sister-in-law says that she likes her hand-knit washcloth the best because it has some tooth to it and scrubs better than her other ones. And her brother-in-law (my SIL's BIL) has even requested some for himself!

Remember me saying that after Christmas, the knitting would be all about me, me, me? I guess I'm going to postpone that for a week or so. I always seem to have some Sugar 'N Cream Cotton laying around, so I'm going to whip up a few more washcloths before my excitement over washcloths peters out!

Friday, December 22, 2006


It's a kitty cat Christmas. With wine, spirits, and plumbers.

Hey, Shiva! I'll distract the human with my Crazy-Evil Kitty Eyes, while you break into the liquor cabinet and find the whiskey! Good plan, Loki! Maybe if we pour the human a drink, she'll forget about how we destroyed the Christmas tree and unraveled all her Christmas ribbons.
Actually, kitties, I'm already feeling much better. Not only have I just outed myself on the internet as a crazy cat lady who makes up cat conversations to go with her cat pictures--I finished up my Christmas shopping this morning and came home to find the plumber filling in the trench in the front yard. I bet he reads my blog. Hi, plumber (and thanks again)!

Merry Christmas, everybody. I'll see you next week!

Thursday, December 21, 2006


My last-minute knitted gifts took me two months, but who's counting?

Hi, everyone! Sorry it's been so long, but I just had an opportunity to SPEND A WEEK IN HAWAII!!!!!

Yeah, okay, I'm kidding. But that cheered me up way more than how I actually spent my week.

This is my front yard. I will spare you the details of the Great Plumbing Disaster of 2006, because really, the picture says it all: The Jaws of Life ripped up my yard, water lines were replaced, inhabitants of the house went without running water for DAYS, and trembling hands were unable to focus the camera. Hey, plumbers? If you're out there? Thank you for saving my house. Now can you please come back and fix my yard?

On the bright side, the lack of running water at my house sent me running to my mother's house over the weekend. Absent of chores like wrapping gifts and mailing Christmas cards (I bought a box of cards, lost them, and haven't found enough Christmas spirit to get off my ass and look for them), I spent the weekend finishing my Christmas knits.

I made bunches.

I used the pattern in Last-Minute Knitted Gifts, modifying it just a bit to accomodate for the worsted weight yarns that I used. Mostly I used leftover Cascade 220, but I just had to break into my new Noro Kujaku (courtesy of Fannie Pie, of course) for a couple. These mini-sweaters are a fun, easy knit, and would probably be quick, too, if you're not the Prairie Knitter. These are knit with DPN's, and unfortunately, the Prairie Knitter forgets how to knit when she holds more than two needles.

Now, I guess I just need to brave the stores and get that Christmas shopping done. I am not kidding when I tell you that when I woke up this morning and stumbled into the kitchen, I thought to myself, "Hey, that wine looks pretty good."

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Under pressure.

The Christmas knits I've been making are very small gifts that use up leftover yarn and are worked up on size 2 DPN's. I think my DPN's have given me a sign that they need a break (hee hee..break!) from the Christmas knitting.

I had heard of folks snapping their wooden DPN's but had never experienced it myself. I guess my lovely Lantern Moon just couldn't take that last K2tog. Being the resourceful knittah that I am, I managed to finish out the little giftie on broken needles, but I think I'll need a replacement pair to finish up my last two gifts.

Rest in piece (hee hee...piece!), little DPN.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Think I'll go make a batch of cookies now.

I went to Bath and Body Works yesterday, and because I know the Nanda loves this scent, I picked up a bottle of Coconut Lime Verbena lotion to sniff. OMG, y'all. It's fantastic. I resisted the urge to slather myself down right then and there, and I didn't buy any because it's Christmas and I need to save those dollars for other people, but I have a feeling a Coconut Lime fest will be in my near future.

I also love their Warm Vanilla Sugar line of body products. I guess I've always been a fan of scents that smell like food, which should come as no surprise considering how much I love to eat. No freesia or plumeria or cherry blossoms for me. I'll be the girl smelling like baked goods.

"Do I smell cinnamon toast?"

"Nope. It's just me."

I once made chocolate chip cookie scented soap. I loved it and wanted to give them out as presents, until Rick informed me that most people, while enjoying the smell of a chocolate chip cookie, didn't necessarily want to smell like one. "Really?" I said. "But why not?" I believe he just looked at me blankly at that point.

Rick is a fan of citrus. He likes (what I consider to be) a strong orange or lemon fragrance. I don't particularly care for orange myself, but I know a lot of people do. When I was in nursing school, I used to sell some of my soaps and lotions to fellow students to make some extra cash. One of my best sellers was a blend of orange and vanilla that I called Orange Creamsicle. I couldn't stand the stuff myself, but other people really loved it.

The lime in Bath and Body Works' Coconut Lime Verbena is not overpowering. It's just enough to make you smell like a pina colada. Which is, in my opinion, a very good thing.

Sunday, December 10, 2006


No, kitty, that's my pomegranate!

Thursday, December 07, 2006


And if I were to spend that much on pants, you can bet they wouldn't make me look like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man.

Rick is still plugging away at his training for Mt. McKinley next year. Despite the cold temperatures, he works out almost every day. On the rare occasion that he does bitch about the weather, I continue to support his decision to climb this mountain by spouting off wisdom such as, "Ha! You think this is cold? Just wait until you're on Denali! Now get out there and drag that tire around the lake!"

Imagine, if you will, the sound of a whip cracking and maniacal laughter. Lucky man, no?

I've also been encouraging Rick to start buying his equipment now, so he will have some time to test different pieces out before May. Yesterday he told me that he had ordered his mountain climbing pants (he can't really buy any of this stuff in state, because we live in Okla-mountainless-homa). The lady receiving his order asked why he needed pants that will keep you warm in -100 degree weather. She mentioned that she's received orders for these pants from people climbing Everest and people spending winters in Siberia, among other things.

Against my better judgment, I asked Rick how much the pants cost. He sheepishly replied, "Two hundred and eighty dollars."

I was shocked. "Two hundred and eighty dollars! I don't even have a pair of pants that costs two hundred and eighty dollars!"

I thought for a moment. "I mean, I completely and one hundred percent support you in this decision."

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