Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Ah, a Happy List...

I'm feeling rather uninspired and unmotivated today, and, as usual lately, just plain tired. There is so much to do to get our fixer-upper of a house child-friendly, but I have no energy. I am lazy anyway, and adding pregnancy fatigue and a month of rainy days is just not helping at all. So I'm making a new list today. A Happy List (capitalized and all) to help me feel better. Today the blog poses as self-help guru.

1. I took my inflatable kayak out for the first time last weekend. It's going to serve me well.
2. Harry Potter tonight! And also, all next weekend!
3. I did not get my husband an iPhone for our 'versary, but I did get him sewing lessons (and before you ask, yes, he does want to learn to sew). He starts tomorrow and will eventually get to teach me.
4. A very good friend and her very kind coworker just gave me a gazillion maternity clothes. I might not have to buy any at all! (which means more yarn money, yo)
5. My cats are really cute. Even when they fall asleep on top of the freshly laundered towels, and I have to decide whether to re-wash them or dry myself off with cat hair.
6. Someday, I too will be on Ravelry. I can deal with the jealousy until then.
7. I haven't thrown up in over a week. Can I get an amen?

Well, that's all I can come up with right now, but I didn't expect much more. I'm much better at focusing on the negatives, on all the stuff piling up on me. My actual To Do list is at least four pages long now. So as a first step towards positive thinking, this list will suffice. Now I just need to visit my site every so often to make myself feel better. And maybe do some knitting. Wait--did I just inadvertently add a couple things to my To Do list?

When is this new knitter due to appear? ;-)

I used to sew, bunches. I made all my own clothes plus sewed for other folks. I quit when the pattern adjustments got the best of me. lol Although, I bought some fabric fairly recently and assembled my cutting table and cut out the pattern pieces...hmmmm...maybe I'll sew again soon. lol Maybe I need lessons! lol although I want lessons in pattern alterations....
I'm so glad you've had a hurl free week!!! : )

Don't worry too much about the *to do* list and things needing to get done before the arrival of the baby. The last week or two of my pregnancies, I think I could have built a house from scratch. You may get a real energy spurt that last week and get everything done in a single day! : )
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