Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Under pressure.

The Christmas knits I've been making are very small gifts that use up leftover yarn and are worked up on size 2 DPN's. I think my DPN's have given me a sign that they need a break (hee hee..break!) from the Christmas knitting.

I had heard of folks snapping their wooden DPN's but had never experienced it myself. I guess my lovely Lantern Moon just couldn't take that last K2tog. Being the resourceful knittah that I am, I managed to finish out the little giftie on broken needles, but I think I'll need a replacement pair to finish up my last two gifts.

Rest in piece (hee hee...piece!), little DPN.

That would be my fault, actually, If those are the DPNs I gave you. I found out shortly later that they tend to break and splinter a lot, at least in those smaller sizes. :( :(

At least we know you're knitting stuff :)
Wow, you must have really been knitting it up! Too bad, but it's a lovely photo, with the twinkly lights blurring in the background.
And exactly what is the world record for bad puns in one blog? LOL

Definitely the last call for those dpns.

I've done it too... mine were Brittany birch needles. I think anything other than bamboo in the tiny sizes just can't take it.
Too bad, I love the way real wood feels.

I'm using the new knitpicks metal needles and they're really good. They aren't standard sizes ( their size 1 is almost a 2 by my measurement), but they still feel good and are fast!

HOpe the rest of you knitting goes smoothly...
Happy HOliday knitting!
Oops! Definitely time for new dpns. : )

Merry Christmas!
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