Tuesday, May 20, 2008


In which the word "knit" is used in a blog post.

Knitters, you'd better sit down to read this. Though now that I think of it, most people don't stand at their computer screens. The point is, I have a startling confession to make: I haven't picked up my knitting needles in over five months. That's almost half a year. I'm pretty sure my membership in KnitBlogLand has been revoked. At the very least, I'm probably on probation.

It's not that I've lost an interest in knitting. To the contrary, sitting down to knit sounds absolutely wonderful. It's that sitting down part that's the problem. All y'all mommy knitters out there are my new heroes, because five months in, I'm still having a hard time showering and brushing my teeth every day.

Here's what I need in a knitting project right now:

1. No cables or lace. Not that I would reject anything other than garter or stockinette, but charts are absolutely out of the question as I am still functioning on approximately half the sleep I used to get. I need to memorize the pattern fairly quickly.

2. No socks. I'm afraid I just don't have the sock love, despite the fact that they are great mindless knitting.

3. No baby blankets. I think it would take me a year or two to finish another baby blanket.

4. And because it will take me a long time to finish anything, the project should probably be small and/or relatively quick to knit.

5. I need to be able to stop quickly, in the middle of the row, without confusing myself when I come back to it. Did I mention how tired I am?

So it appears I am now the Picky Knitter. Any suggestions for this sorry excuse for a knitter? I mean, besides washcloths? Did I mention the picky-ness?

egads, woman, don't be so hard on yourself :^)
so ok, my oldest is 36 but I remember, and especially with the next two? I didn't get any knitting accomplished, and I am completely in awe of the young moms out there that manage to get any knitting done.

hmmmm, trying to think of something, how about the Noro ribbed scarf? You'll need a scarf for next winter.. you can also use the Boku (Plymouth) get two skeins of two different colourways, it's a k1p1 rib, do two rows with one colourway then the next two rows with the other colourway, on and on until you run out of yarn, cast on as many as you want, mine was 38 or 40... warning: if you were to do this for long periods of time it would suck the very life out of you, I know this for a fact, but just catching a few stitches here and there? might just work for you, they're seriously pretty. those scarves.

Good luck!
My mom just gave me an easy scarf from loop in Philadelphia; it takes three skeins of Koigu Kersti in three different colors (though I'm sure you could use another yarn). CO 16 stitches and knit in garter stitch to the end of the skein. Join the next color and knit in garter stitch to the end of the skein. Take the third color, and on the side edge, pick up one stitch in the space between each garter ridge and knit in garter stitch to the end (this required a 40" circular needle). I tend to be pretty fried these days from the kids, and it's perfect mindless knitting.

Good luck and don't be too hard on yourself--I didn't pick up knitting again until my sons were 2-1/2!
My son is 11 now, but that degree of tired is still in my memory! I stopped quilting when he was born because I just couldn't deal with dragging it out to work for 5 minutes at a time (not to mention keeping track of pins and needles). As for knitting, sometimes when I finish a sweater or other involved project, I do couple of hats knit in the round - mostly for gifts or my church charity group. They can be as simple or fussy as you want and you get a finished project pretty quickly. I would tell you that the sleepless nights will stop eventually, but I'll probably be up several times tonight checking on the above mentioned 11 year old who has the flu. Good luck finding a project and congratulations on your beautiful little boy!
Once you're a knitter and knit blogger- they don't let you leave:) you have been assimilated... so take you time and find something that feels good to knit. I like the idea of the noro scarf. I made one when the power was off and it was mindless and fun to watch the colors change....have fun.
Hats make great mindless knitting projects if you don't love socks. They are quick, and can be very mindless, and they make great Christmas gifts if you have an excess of them.
I know, hows about a felted wine bottle tote? You can really whip one out, and use it or it makes agreat gift.
Just about a year since we met, hows about that.
I liked it so much
I will visit here again
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