Friday, March 28, 2008


Reason #1 Why Levi Deserves Your Pity

I told my son a story today. It went like this:

"Once upon a time, there were three little pigs. They each had to build a, for some reason or other. One of them built a house out of straw, one of them built a house out of...something else...and one of them built his house out of bricks. Then this big bad wolf came and he huffed and puffed and blew the first two houses down. But he couldn't destroy the last house, because it out of bricks? And the moral to this story is that, obviously, Mom needs to bone up on her children's stories."

So you know, I read your story out loud to Miss Maya just now, and she was totally into it. Her favorite part was yelling WOOD! when we got to the houses bit.
Of course she always interjects wood! into stories. It's just something she does. No, wait. That's me.
Just wait until you dream those children's stories. lol
May I suggest a visit to your public library? Storytimes are great- you can sit while someone else reads stories to you and then check out some board books and stories to read at home...

sorry that post was just an invitation for alibrary commercial:-)

You might also check out the Every Child Ready to Read site by the American Library Association to see the six emergent literacy skills that every child needs to develop to be ready to read- very simple stuff, but important! you're probably doing most of it already!

I actually like your version alot :-)
Sure, get some library books. And sleep. Stories always go so much better when you've had enough sleep.
Fannie Pie--thanks for the plug! I printed off the pamphlet on the ALA site so Rick and I can review it from time to time. It's really helpful. I also checked out some of the story times that our local library offers--I can't wait to start going to them.
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