Sunday, March 16, 2008


A Few Observations

1. My toenails are longer than my fingernails.

2. I hope Levi will learn to bite his fingernails soon, because dude, I just clipped those yesterday and they need it again.

3. It's not just his fingernails that are growing. Take a look at these cheeks. Don't they just call out to be gobbled up?
4. The other day I was asked if I could still remember "life before baby". It's true: I can no longer imagine a life with dental floss, a good night's sleep, or a hot cup of coffee.

5. Until having my own extremely fussy baby, I never really knew what colic was. I will never again react to someone saying their baby has colic with a flippant, "Oh, that must be hard." Instead I will probably start crying with them and suggest that we find a support group. And if you don't know what colic is, dear reader, let me tell you: it is a five letter word for birth control.

6. Knitting? What's that? I think this is a mommy blog now.

7. NPR? What's that? What do you mean that life is going on outside of this house and this baby?

8. Surely not...take a look at this:

9. Baby smiles are magical. They must be to make you forget that you have only had five hours of sleep in the last two days.

10. Swaddling is also cool. And by cool, I mean it's a lifesaver. Hospitals should require that new parents demonstrate a proper swaddle before they can take their babies home. Or at least, they should have required it of me.

11. If you take the "L" at the beginning of "Levi" and move it to the end, you get "Evil". I'm just sayin' is all.

12. I have to go back to work next week. I don't even want to talk about it.

Katie, he is precious, colic and all. Hope you are able to get some good sleep.
You are so funny! (#11)
My brother was a colic kinda baby, mom said it was pure hell, with a huge helping of love because you know, you get those smiles when they're not in pain...

Levi is just beautiful.
Swaddling is a lifesvaer for colic. I still swaddle my 6 month old because she just can't sleep without it. Have you tried swaddle blankets from
adorable! that smile could make up for a whole lotta fussy!! He's a cutie-
You are sooo right about baby smiles. They just melt your heart. He sure is a cutie.
Thanks for perpetuating the species. I was always terrified clipping my babies' nails that I'd clip their fingers. A second solution I've heard for colic is a finger dipped in whiskey. I'm just saying...
Thanks for all the kind comments, everybody. I love showing off the kid.

But Tyler--I think I'll need a bit more than a finger dipped in whiskey--or did you mean Levi? :)
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