Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Big and Bad

The Big Bad Baby Blanket is done! I finished it last Friday, including weaving in all the yarn ends but not including blocking. I figure this blanket will get washed plenty of times in its lifetime.

The Big Bad Baby Blanket certainly turned out big. I've already discussed my inability to determine the amount of yarn this blanket takes, but I don't think I mentioned the fact that I never did a gauge check while knitting this either. It's a blanket, for crying out loud. How big can it get? Apparently, it can get really big. This is about 36" by 36", sans blocking. This will be one warm baby.

I would so love to model this blanket with an actual baby, but since mine is still baking, I decided to get some swaddle practice in with this teddy bear.

And here's the blankie chillin' with the bear and some baby books. I'm glad that train knew I could do it. I was getting a little nervous myself.

The blanket looks great. I rarely do gauge swatches on blankets/scarfs either. Can't wait to see the blanket on that soon-to-be-born little boy.
That there Big Bad Baby Blanket is big bad awesome!
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