Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Thank God for Halloween Candy

The Big Bad Baby Blanket is truly starting to live up to its name. I don't understand it. No matter how much I knit on it, I never finish. I haven't even made it to the last seed stitch border. I measure to see how much further to the border, and it looks like about two inches. I knit for two hours, measure again, and....I still need two inches.

The kicker is that this baby is probably going to prefer some little Sponge Bob blanket to this cashmere-blend blanket 'o luxury, anyway. I think I'll knit some hats after this.

It's like outa the twilight zone aint it!!! tun tun tuuuuunn!!

Ya I know. I have a six week old with with no baby blankie cuz I chikened out. She loves the winnie pooh one though!!

Love your blog, love the bump. Have a happy healthy knockup ;P

Carmen in TX
You can do it, Pregnant Knitta! I know you can! And hey, as incentive, I signed up for NaBloPoMo this year! Well, I kind of did it for the sock zombies, but also for pushing you into it last year and kind of bailing. Okay, mostly for pushing you into it last year. But wasn't it fun?
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