Sunday, October 07, 2007


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Today is World Communion Sunday. In my limited church knowledge, I guess that means that more churches observe Communion today than on any other day of the year. My own church does not observe Communion every week, but it does commune once a month (and on World Communion Sunday).

My husband is going to be in charge of the monthly communions at our church next year, and needed to be at church for both services, as well as before and after the services, to see what all "being in charge" entails. As you all know by now, I am a very selfish person. My first reaction was something along the lines of "Well, what am I going to do at church for four hours while you're doing Communion?"

To which Rick wisely responded, "Can't you take your knitting?"

Thus, I was mollified into getting to church at 8am this morning, confident that I could get several rows in on the baby blanket while Rick learned his new duties. Except that once I got to church and started seeing people I hadn't seen for a couple weeks, I quickly forgot my knitting and started working on Communion myself. Tricksy church folks, making Katie forget her knitting!

Normally, I get a little peeved when expected knitting time does not come into fruition. Like most busy knitters, I don't get to knit nearly as often as I want. My knitting time is precious to me. In fact, any "alone" time is precious to me, and I am often not a very social creature at all. But today, I didn't seem to care. Communion started when I got to church, and continued as I took the bread and cup with my fellow church-goers, and as I washed the cups after service. To me, communion is a time of mindfulness, of living fully in the present, aware of my surroundings and my senses. I don't necessarily feel closer to God during this ritual. But today, as I took the bread and cup with everyone else, Communion was different. Perhaps it was because I had a hand in preparing that bread and filling those cups, or perhaps it was because my son, unbeknownst to him, was experiencing this ritual with me. Perhaps it was because my husband served me communion today, and I am so proud of Rick all the time that I get weepy if I even start to talk about it. I felt close to everyone in the pews today, and thus, closer to God.

I'm learning to enjoy rituals of the church, for the different ways they can affect you when you least expect it. Perhaps it just requires a certain willingness to give up your own desires and share your time with others...for a short while, anyway.

Katie, tears came to my eyes when reading this. Bless you and your husband and your little one.

The blessings of a wonderful husband and a new life to share is one of the greatest gifts from God. Enjoy!

BTW, do you have any possible names picked out? : )

We celebrated World Communion Sunday also. It is always moving to thing that Christians all over the world are united in this holy ritual on this one day. Your thoughts on this are very eloquent. Thank you for sharing.
We did World Communion in our Methodist Church too. Your post gave me goose bumps.
That was me, I'm not really anonymous....
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