Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Big and Proud

Despite the fact that my weight gain has been right on target throughout my pregnancy, people seem shocked by how big I'm becoming--or I guess I should say, by how big we're becoming. What's shocking to me, on the other hand, is how quick they are to tell me about it.

A sampling of recent comments made (to my face!):

"Wow! You're really big!"
"Wow! It's like you just EXPLODED overnight!"
"Oh my God, you are HUGE!"
"Andrea wasn't as big at nine months as you are now!"
"You are ALL belly."
"Wow...look at...that....."

And yesterday I finally received:

"Are you having twins?"

Um, no, I am not having twins. Are you having a momentary lapse of reason, in which you no longer recall how to engage in normal polite conversation? In which it is not acceptable to loudly proclaim how large someone is?

To you I say:

Yes, I am big. And I'm quite enjoying it, thankyouverymuch. Neener neener.

My wonderful friend Nanda graciously agreed to take portraits of Rick and me, so last weekend we drove up to Cowtown and had a blast playing in the prairie. I absolutely love the photos and can't wait to get some printed out for an album. My mom only has two or three pictures from her entire pregnancy, and I've always thought that was a shame. Maybe because my own pregnancy has been such a great experience, I don't know, but I wanted to have some nice shots celebrating this time in our lives. Thank you, Nanda, for such a fun time, and for letting us take advantage of your talent. Y'all can check out several of the shots here. And I'm sure I'll be posting more of them every so often, too--just because I want to.

Neener neener.

Enjoy every second! I wouldn't trade a single second with my husband or children for all the $ in the world. I had a really enormous belly when I was pregnant. I remember a lady at church telling me that she had never seen such a big stomach in her entire life! While I wanted to give her a knuckle sandwich, I just smiled and wondered if she felt she had given me some sort of backward compliment. I was proud to have a big tummy... I was doing good at growing our baby. ; )

Don't listen to them. Enjoy your baby growing!
Those pictures are so beautiful. The love you two share is so evident. My sister, being the creative person she is, when pregnant with her first, had me take some pictures. She made a face out of her tummy along with some construction paper ears and I got to be the photographer. They are part of my niece's baby book. Thank you for sharing those with us.
Yes, you should be proud! Looks to me that you're carrying all to the front, which is what I did. I also loved being pregnant, so much in fact that after my child bearing years I would have dreams of being pregnant, and feeling hugely wonderful! Love having those dreams!
You look fabulous and you're supposed to be big! I just don't get it when people make comments like that--what do they think is going to happen when you grow a baby?! People say stupid things; just ignore it and enjoy!
You look absolutely beautiful. I wish my pregnant belly had been more your size than the hot air balloons I grew.

Seriously don't listen to them. Why do people feel that a pregnant lady is open season for all sorts if hurtful advice? Enjoy this very precious time. It will never come again.
Dude. Awesome pics.
It's amazing that some people see pregnant women as "fair game" for saying the most outrageous things. And for belly touching. What on earth??

You look joyful! Keep it up, and ignore the sillies.
You are beautiful. (also don't listen if anyone tries to tell you "stories") Have you noticed how people also feel free to put their hands on your baby without asking you?! Keep up the good work!
You are just beautiful! Don't let those people get you down. I also wish I had more pictures of my belly during my pregnancy. Maybe next time? The picture of the shadow bunny on your belly is just tooooooo funny!
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