Thursday, August 02, 2007


Boy Parts

Per Nanda's request, here are some pictures of yesterday's ultrasound.

Can y'all see what that arrow in the second picture is pointing to? The title of that shot gives it away (and cracks me up). It's a boy!

Our little boy, who is currently nameless (oh, how I wish I liked the name Harry better), already has his first knit hat. I'm sure he will one day be inundated with OU clothing from the rest of my family, but I think this hat more accurately represents the family into which he will be born.

Pattern: Umbilical Cord Hat, by Jennifer L. Jones, in Stitch 'N Bitch
Apple Motif: from Tech Guy Socks, by Alison Hansel, MagKnits February 2006
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft from the stash
I may be so computer illiterate that I had to take pictures of my ultrasound pics instead of using the scanner, but I am married to a computer geek and am just geek enough to knit an Apple logo! Poor baby doesn't stand a chance!

Congratulations! : ) You know, he may not appreciate it some day when he finds out that you posted his *boy parts* picture on the internet. ; )
Yeah, I thought about that...and did it anyway! Told you he doesn't stand a chance....:)
There's always Ron. Or Neville. Seamus? Oh well. CONGRATULATIONS! Again! SO EXCITED! Sentences. Are. Fragmenting.
My vote is for Xenophilius.

A Boy! That is so neat. When is he due? The first ultrasound pics of my 2nd niece showed her nose looking like a duck beak. lol Her nose is actually very normal now but it gives us something to laugh about.
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