Sunday, June 24, 2007


You dropped a bomb on me, baby.

Hello, everyone! I've been back from vacation for a week now, but have unfortunately not had time to blog yet...or email...or call...or, um, yeah. It's been a week. But really, I don't feel like talking about the flea infestation we came back to, or the kitty cats that wouldn't look at us after five days in the kennel, or the jury duty I had to perform right after I got back from vacation. What I'd really like is a bit of time to upload all my pictures and talk about ALASKA!

Alas, now that I'm back in my recently fumigated house, I must do things such as unpacking and laundry and feeding cats lots of treats to make them like me again. So since this post has no interesting Alaska pictures, I thought I'd go ahead and make an announcement I've been sitting on for awhile. Because in about six months, there's going to be an addition to the Prairie Knitter/Prairie Climber family, and no, we're not taking in another stray cat.

I'm pregnant! Right at twelve weeks, as a matter of fact. And since the nausea STILL isn't gone, ya'll are in for a lot of whining and general belly-aching about the whole process. You lucky readers, you! I always thought that if I got pregnant, I would feel good and natural and, I don't know, I guess I thought I'd be some kind of granola, nature mother type who felt healthy and strong. Instead, I'm nauseous every day and more tired than I've ever been in my life. Just wait until I can't sleep at night and can't go ten minutes without peeing. Y'all will really be in for it then!

Hopefully I'll start getting some baby knitting in to distract you (and me) from my own yuckiness. Speaking of yuckiness, did anyone see my picture on the Yarn Harlot's site? I promise to talk about the event in a future post, but dudes! Was I ever gross in that picture! In my defense, I'd walked about eight miles over Anchorage that day and was pretty tired (and oily and pregnant, yada yada). I guess I should have taken a shower before the book signing!

I hope everyone's been having a wonderful month, and I will try to get some Alaska pictures up soon. And oh yeah---Rick totally kicked ass on Denali! The mountain allowed his team to summit on June 12th, and I'm super proud of him. I like being married to a man that follows his heart and shoots for his dreams. I would have been proud of him even if he hadn't made the summit, but I always knew he could do it.

Well, back to laundry with me then. Woohoo!

Congratulations Katie!!! That is wonderful news. When are you due?

I saw the post on the Harlot's blog. I was scanning the crowd pictures to see if I could see you and didn't. Then lo and behold there you were in your own picture. An Okie represents! Yay!!!!!!!

Glad to hear Rick's climb was successful.

You'll make a wonderful parents. Congrats on a great trip and Rick's successful climb!
Congratulations all around! You've been busy;-)
Um, HELLO!! Coulda emailed me so I could avoid the heart attack when someone mentions casually that you posted you were pregnant!


Get feeling better so we can go out and I can gush all over you.
Congratulations! Have lots of fun doing baby knitting. Check out those sweaters that the Harlot just did!

I'm in the Texas Panhandle, not too awfully far from you. I looked you up after seeing your picture on the YH site and wondering how "Prairie" applied to Alaska.
Seems to me that being prego is a great excuse to knit all the time!
Your Alaska pal, Glenda
Thanks for all the well-wishes, everybody! And Kay--I'm due on January 3.
Can't wait for Stunky Monkey to get here! Congratulations, Knitta!
aaaaaand Rickus!
Congratulations. I think you will love being a mom. Love from Jenn in Albuquerque
Congratulations! Holding a baby is THE most pleasant thing ever! And those baby smiles would melt glaciers. I'm anxious to see your Alaska pix because we're cruising there in Augus.
Just wanting to throw my two cents worth in...
Huge congrats on your pregnancy, hopefully you'll soon get through this 'nausea' phase and on to the next...and feel wonderful, enjoy it, relish it, for some it does feel glorious. daughter Havala's BD, also Tolkien's...a good day.
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