Thursday, June 07, 2007


Because twelve hour flights demand a good knit.

I'm heading out for my own Alaskan adventure this Sunday and, among other preparations, I have been trying to figure out what knitting to take with me. I've been working on a pair of socks, but frankly, I'm rather uninspired by them at the moment.

The yarn is Mountain Colors Bearfoot, and I love the color. I even like the bare bones, 3x1 rib pattern. I'm afraid the reason it's not working for me right now is that I am such a selfish individual. You see, the sock does not fit my freakishly narrow foot. It does, however, fit my mom's cute, normal size foot, so the pair will become a gift for her. But unless it's a hat for my husband who is going to -30 degree weather in a week, my gift knits move as slow as glaciers. Sorry, Mom!

So I bought some new sock yarn today. I knew that I wanted to knit socks, so I can take a small, compact set of needles with me on the plane. And then I saw a colorway of Cherry Tree Hill at Gourmet Yarn today that just lit my fire. It screams Harry Potter with its rich reds and oranges and golds. Or rather it screams Fawkes the Phoenix, and because I'm a nerd, a nerd who is still mourning Albus Dumbledore, I decided I needed my very own Fawkes socks for the upcoming release of Book 7.

Only once I got home did I realize that my new yarn also coordinates with my backpack and stuff sacks.

My pack is almost full already and I haven't finished packing yet. Time permitting, I plan on visiting a couple of yarn shops in Anchorage and have wondered where I'd be able to make room for my purchases. While I was taking pictures, it came to me!

Why not take advantage of all the straps on this here backpack? Good thing Rick's already in Alaska--he'd be rolling his eyes at my color-coordinated, knitterly ingenuity.

Have a very fun and safe trip!
Dang, I just realized you'd be missing the Norman Harry and the Potters show! :(

Excellent yarn though, enjoy the knit time!
Too funny! I love that colorway. Have a great trip!
Hello New Friend!
I really enjoyed meeting you at the Yarn Harlot. Hope you enjoy the rest of your time in Alaska!
Hi...I'm in Tulsa, how did I not know about you? and Emma just lives a couple of blocks away....
Hope your holiday in Alaska is going well, have fun!
Yarn stores have nice cardboard boxes, called Alaska suitcases, that are a standard equipment for the flight back home. You haven't done your trip right unless you have at least one cardboard box with duct tape holding it shut.Enjoy

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