Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Kitty Stuff

My proclamation of Loki's love for her new kitty bed may have been premature. She likes the kitty pi. But not so much for sleeping or for proper sitting. Nope. The kitty pi bed has become more of a wadded-up kitty pillow.
I would knit Shiva her own kitty bed, but unfortunately, she is distrustful of anything that is remotely soft. Don't set her on a blanket or a pillow, or for Pete's sake, that terribly plush and expensive store-bought kitty bed. Shiva prefers a good, sturdy box to sleep in.
I think I will try to block the kitty pi a little more extensively and see if that helps it keep its shape a little better. Not that there's anything wrong with knitting kitty pillows...

Maybe she's just reeeeeally into New Balance shoes...
Shiva is just like a real kid. Buy them tons of toys and they still go for the empty boxes, kitchen utensils etc. lol
Cute cat bed. I am thinking of attempting one myself and trying to reconcile myself to the idea they may prefer sleeping on top of it.

I tagged you for a meme. Sorry! Check my blog.
Sweeeeeeet kitties!
kitties have their own ways of using everything... they obviously love it, and are just checking for usage optimization.

the box picture makes me think that they might like a felted rectangle kitty pi... kinda like a big booga bag bottom, felty shoebox.... or maybe they would just prefer a shoebox...

kitty (thinking)- "hmmm I don't know what this new thing is, but I'd better sit on/in it."
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