Wednesday, May 09, 2007


If you want to destroy my sweater...

Do y'all remember that last year, I tried to knit a vest out of leftover yarn. In fact, the pattern was the Leftovers Vest from Knitty. When I was about three-quarters of the way done with it, I tried the vest on, only to find that it was at least fourteen times too big for me. There was no problem with the pattern whatsoever--the error consisted of my inability to accurately judge my own size. Have you ever seen where they give anorexic girls a marker and have them draw a life-size picture of themselves on paper, of how they see themselves, and the picture is about the size of an elephant? Apparently, I am like these girls, but without the anorexia part.

Anyway. I never frogged that partially knit vest. Couldn't bring myself to do it, I hate frogging so much. Two weeks ago, the vest still looked like this:

And then I took the plunge. I turned the vest into this:

Lots of kinky, kinky yarn that took over my dining room table, until I dunked all those individual strands into water and allowed them to dry like this:

Then I wound the strands into many baby balls of yarn, which were not photographed because what I thought would be an afternoon project took THREE DAYS and I was no longer in the mood to photo-journalize. From this stash, I decided to make the kitties a
Kitty Pi, that fabulous pattern that was so popular a couple years ago (and why is that so many knitters have cats?). Lots of knitting and spit-splicing later, voila!

Before felting, modeling on my husband's table saw:

After felting, on my mom's kitchen table:
Pattern: Kitty Pi by Wendy Johnson
Needles: Knit Picks Options, US size 11, 24" cable, used to magic loop and as regular circular needles
Yarn: Cascade 220, double stranded
Comments: This was my first felting project. It was so scary putting my precious knitting into the washing machine! To agitate! I imagined the kitty bed coming out the size of a postage stamp. As it is, it took me three cycles on heavy, and there is still more stitch definition than I wanted. Rick built a mold to dry it/shape it, because I was too cheap to buy the Tupperware pie carrier that's suggested in the pattern (Hello, that's yarn money. Can I get a witness?)

Rick is awesome. And also, now you see why my knitting was anywhere near a table saw. And at least one kitty has taken to the bed so far. My Loki sure loves her some pi!

Great job on the kitty pi!
oh your kitty pi looks awesome! mine is all squashed flat from the fatties who try to sleep in it.
I seem to only blog when you do. :^p I love those colors! Almost wish I had a Nanda Pi. Only there's no way Tupperware makes a pie carrier big enough.. Damn.
I'm so sad the vest didn't work out... the colors are great! But... great Pi! Are you making another?
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