Tuesday, April 03, 2007


A promise is a promise (and makes a very long post).

Y'all have a moment? I've finally uploaded pictures, so my 2007 Finished Object List will no longer read like this:
1. washcloth
2. washcloth
3. washcloth
4. really bright washcloth

Today we add...

5. scarf:

(Terrible picture of me, but you can see my knitting poster in the background)
Pattern: No pattern. Just a mindless seed stitch scarf, perfect for knitting on after working twelve hour days twelve days in a row (but who's counting?).
Yarn: Approximately one and one half skeins of Malabrigo in colorway Azul Profundo. I normally don't seem to have any blue yarn (which is one of the reasons, besides pure laziness, that I haven't joined Knit Blue), but I was enamored with this colorway. After Rick saw this knitted up, I think I know why. He said it reminded him of our Oklahoma sky right before a storm, and y'all know how I feel about Oklahoma weather. Bring it on!
Comments: Oops. I think I've been commenting in the previous sections, but oh well! This yarn is fantasticly soft with beautiful colors, and I can't wait to knit with it again. Here's one more picture.

Today we also add...

6. SOCKS!!!!!

Before we get to the pictures, I must explain why I said that I only sorta-kinda finished my first pair of socks. After learning how to turn a heel at my second sock class, I decided I didn't need the third class to finish up the socks. Which was probably not the wisest choice, because I read my pattern incorrectly and managed to knit my decrease rows on the top of the sock. So when I wear the socks with the heels in the right place, I have painful bumps on the top and bottom of my toes (left sock):

And when I wear my socks with the toes in the right place:
The heel ends up on the side, making Sock #1 look like some kind of specialized goiter cozy.
At least I learned my mistake before finishing Sock #2, which came out reasonably well.

I really meant to go back and correct Sock #1, but then this happened:

Yup! I bought my first skein of sock yarn. I am officially converted.

SOCKSSOCKSSOCKSsockssockssocks, yay!

Love the scarf too!
oooh, such pretty sock yarn. perfect for Knit Blue! And don't feel bad--I started Knit Blue and I have yet to have knitted anything blue. It's just a suggestion! Come join us.
The blue scarf is gorgeous. I'm currently knitting a seed stitch scarf for next year's red scarf project out of Eleanor Roosevelt Miss Priss yarn by Schaefer. I LOVE that yarn. It has a wonderful feel. Sock yarn is good. I love the color you chose.
I really need to learn how to knit socks. I'm a new knitter who loves socks.

I love the scarf!! I love the seed stitch.

Ooo! Ooo! Okay, soooo when do we get to see the sock puppets??
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