Monday, April 23, 2007


Mission Accomplished

The last finished object I have to show (for awhile) is my Forbes Forest scarf. Yup, I finished it right in time for summer. That's how I roll, I'm afraid. This winter I'll probably decide to knit a cotton tank top.

But I know I'll get a lot of use out of this scarf next winter. I absolutely love it, and I plan to knit another one soon in a seafoam or celery or other light green yarn for my mom (she has the prettiest green eyes). I would definitely recommend knitting this pattern in Rowan Cashsoft. After a not very intensive blocking, the scarf tries to curl only a little bit. And the yarn is so soft, I didn't mind wearing it in 80 degree weather for picture-taking.

And also, Forbes Forest is just fun to knit. After a few repeats, the pattern is easy to remember, but like most cabled patterns, still interesting. And on this project, I finally learned to cable without a cable needle. Like I needed a reason to like cables more--no wonder I want to knit this pattern again already.

Now I finally have a pink scarf, and can scratch another New Year's Resolution off the list.

Ahhh! It's so gorgeous! It looks great on you too. Congrats!
Your scarf is beautiful...almost as beautiful as that pretty kitty in the picture. ;-)
It looks great! Squee! Finished object!
Isn't she pretty in pink! :^)
it's really lovely! just beautiful!
Gorgeous scarf!
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