Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Happy Feet

Ack! Has it really been over two weeks since I last blogged? I guess it has been. I won't bore you with my whining about HOW MUCH I AM WORKING LATELY. Instead, just know that in my spare time, I have been knitting my little heart out. I've also been knitting during non-spare time, which explains why I have not studied for my upcoming Geography test, nor tackled Mt. Laundry or Mt. Cat Hair (i.e., the whole house).

And because I would rather knit than take pictures of knitting, the only thing I can show you just yet is this:
Yup. I finished my second pair of socks. They are just a generic stockinette sock, but they are my second pair, knit without mistakes so I can actually wear them, and soft, soft, soft! Lovin' the Cherry Tree Hill, I am.

I should have more pictures soon, because not only am I working a little less this week, but I have run out of projects on needles (gasp!). Breathe, dear readers. I have a plan to remedy this soon.

Congratulations on sock pair #2! They look wonderful. : )
Gorgeous socks. I have some Cherry Tree Hill but haven't knitted with it yet. I get happy just squeezing it! lol
I've missed you. Congrats on the finished pair!
You rock!
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