Thursday, March 01, 2007


These heels need turning.

I am loving the Magic Loop. I love it so much that I couldn't wait for the next sock class (which is just in two days, mind you) to continue magic looping. And since I had completed all my homework on the first sock and didn't really want to try turning the heel sans teacher, I placed the first sock on some stitch holders and started magic looping Sock #2!

Now I have two partially completed socks! I can't wait to finish these and cast on for another Magic Loop project (more socks, ya think?). Since I've learned how to magic loop, I've been looking at patterns that call for DPN's in a whole new light, and have been fighting the urge to buy all new circular needles with 40" cables.....

Wish me some knitting luck for Saturday's sock class!

Great job! Socks are so addictive ....just wait turning heels is some kinda of voodoo, very cool..

happy knitting!
I am a magic loop devotee...I won't knit anything with dpn's. I LOVE it. I also found out that 47" cables "get out of my way" better than 40". Now if only the tips were a bit pointier...I'd be a happy girl. Congrats on the two partially completed socks.
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