Monday, March 19, 2007


Just a quickie...

Just a quickie to let everyone know I'm still alive, and also to perk myself up a little. I've been working twelve- to fourteen-hour days every day for a couple of weeks and have been a little tired and cranky (Read: bitchy, ready to snap, and carrying sharp-ass knitting needles. )

So here are some of the good things that have happened in the last two weeks:

1. I made my reservations for sea kayaking in Resurrection Bay off the southern coast of Alaska. (Come on, June!)
2. I convinced my husband that the Knit Picks Options needle set is indeed a very romantic anniversary present.
3. The Bradford pear and redbud trees are absolutely gorgeous and make me so happy as I drive around all day.
4. It's been warm enough to get outside and go for long walks.
5. I finished my blue Malabrigo scarf.
6. I finished my first pair of socks...sort of...but I'm counting them as done, dang it!
7. My cats are the cutest. kitties. evah.
8. My mom made us a lasagne last night.

Hmm. I wanted a list of ten things, but got stuck at eight. Leave it to me to be unable to think once food is mentioned. Mmm...lasagne....

Will hopefully have pictures of FO's soon.

How about
9) You got to eat the lasagna
10) Leftovers?

I will allow you to say your babies are the cutest ever because mine is the most beautiful ever. ;-) Just teasing!!
Poor thing. I hope work calms down a bit for you soon! That's a great list of good things, especially the Malabrigo scarf I bet it looks gorgeous), and your first pair of socks! Yay!
Good for you for finishing stuff with all that workin' going on!

I have to add that not only will the knitpicks options set make a very romantic present, it will save you money! really can you say the same about any other single article in the universe? I think not.

hang in there!
So many smartass 'quickie' comments, so little comment space....

Glad to hear from you! Hope things slow down for you soon. Maybe even enough for an outing! At a restaurant! Remember those? Those are fun. In fact, there is kind of sorta one in the works for this Saturday, which, coincidentally, is Dave's birthday. Okay, so it's no coincidence at all. It's for Dave's birthday. But, you know, if there's any way you and Rickus might be able to meet up with us, let. me. know. Because this Nanda misses you guys. A lot.
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