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Do you ever just feel ridiculous about your passion for knitting? I often feel this way around non-knitters. I think they just can't understand why I'd want to learn to knit socks when I can buy six pairs for the price of that sock yarn. Or why I am physically unable to hang out watching a football game without some needles in my hands. Or why I think knitting is F-U-N fun. "It's so fun!" I tell them, and they don't believe me. You just have to be a knitter to understand.

But do you ever feel ridiculous around other knitters? Like maybe you're a little too gung ho about the sport? Last night, while I was knitting during a break during class, a girl in my class sat near me and mentioned that she knits, too. This girl, I might add, is cute and casual and just cooly dropped a line about knitting.

How did I respond? By acting like she is my new knitting best friend, of course! You'd think I don't have a blog for ranting and raving about knitting, because I could not stop talking about it. I asked her what she likes to knit, where she shops for yarn, what kind of yarn she likes, if she has used any patterns from Knitty, if she prefers circulars or DPN's, and on and on and on I went. She patiently answered all my questions, so I kept going. I hope the girl isn't too afraid of her new stalker knitter classmate to come back to class.

I mean, it's not like I'm travelling all the way to Alaska to see the Yarn Harlot or anything. :)

I managed a second inappropriate mention of knitting again today. Central Oklahoma had some serious weather for awhile this afternoon (Cue Gary England and Mike Morgan for the battle of the weather stations!) While I was visiting a patient at one of the local assisted living facilities, an announcement was made over the intercom to bring all the residents to the designated tornado drill locations IMMEDIATELY! Because THIS IS NOT A DRILL! I rushed my patient to what must have been the safest of all the hallways in the building, and attempted to find out what was going on, but nobody knew for sure. All they knew was that the building was locked up per protocol and I was not allowed to leave. So I called Rick.

"What's going on? I'm locked in the assisted living and they won't let me out."

"Well, that's a good thing, because there's a tornado four miles away from you."

"Shit." I said. "I should have brought my knitting in from the car."

That comment received more than a few puzzled looks from residents and staff alike, who were all hoping to learn more about the situation from the lady with the cell phone. Instead, they discovered that the home health nurse is driven to swearing at the mere thought of being separated from her knitting during a TORNADO! Whoops!

(And for reals, y'all. I'll post knitting pictures up next time I post. No more photo-less posts when there are finished objects laying around. Happy weekend and carry your knitting with you in case of tornadoes.)

Yes, I completely understand. : )
Katie, you made my day!! I laughed out loud when I read your comment about leaving the knitting in the car. I would have felt the EXACT same way!!! And I know I go on about it forever to my non-knitting friends and I think they just humor me. At least I got my sister's attention when she saw the socks I knitted. whew!
Yeah, it would have sucked if your knitting had been sucked up into the vortex. Yikes!
Glad you're safe! :) Hopefully you didnt have to endure too long without your knitting.

Jamie had a lot of dental work done on tuesday and she was under general. When they were done and she was waking up, I asked the doctor how long we'd be sitting before she was coherant and able to walk. He said maybe 45 minutes and I said "Crap, I left my knitting in the waiting room." He waited while I went to get it.

Can't wait to see what you've been knitting!
It seems like a perfectly logical thing to me to start keeping an emergency 'sock in progress' at work, you know.. just in case of weather...
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