Thursday, February 22, 2007


A Tale of Two Kitties

(Hee hee. Sorry, couldn't resist.)

In case anyone out there has been wondering how the two kitties are getting along, here is my proof that they're doing all right--as long as Shiva hits the whiskey a couple times a day.

After Loki had been here for about a month and a half, Shiva finally started to accept the fact that ANOTHER CAT IS EATING MY FOOD!!!! and the two became friends. I'm not sure how Loki feels about this friendship because Shiva is the licking-est cat I have ever seen. She enjoys nothing more than repetitively licking...anything. Which includes Loki. Loki is the most groomed cat in the world.

And also, photogenic. Probably because of her daily dose of Shiva saliva.

Together, the two have ripped apart our red antique armchair, "rearranged" all of my home health paperwork, and knocked over a plant stand, nearly killing Laertes, our ten-year-old ivy.

I'd say they're getting along just fine.

Awww, and they look like they could be related too!
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