Monday, February 05, 2007


Magic Lupin

Okay, I guess no one else wants a knitting superpower. That, or y'all were so overcome with emotion over the announcement that Book 7 will be published this summer that you couldn't even think about knitting. I know that's what happened to me on Friday and caused me to, in fact, not block my Forbes Forest scarf.

But despite stalling on my scarf (and mourning the end of Harry Potter), I had quite a productive knitting weekend. On Saturday, I took a sock class at Gourmet Yarn. I bought a big fat yarn (in comparison to sock yarn, at least) to make a thick warm sock (less stitches, you see) and learned how to Magic Loop!

I've never really been interested in knitting socks, despite all the wonderful photos of knit socks I see on knitblogs. I've just always found something more interesting. But lately, I've been craving a small project that I can keep in my purse or even in the center console of my car. Something small and portable for quick, on-the-go knitting. Something that isn't a washcloth.

Et voila! Le sock! Why didn't I think of it before?

Because I hate double-pointed needles, that's why. So when Margaret of Gourmet Yarn said she could teach me to magic loop during the sock class, I jumped at the class. And though I've only completed the ribbing so far, I already love magic looping. So much more than DPN's. I can't even tell you how much.

The next sock class isn't until March. I thought about going ahead and working it out on my own, but I've never been a fearless knitter. I think it will be nice to have someone there showing me how to turn the heel and make the toes and whatever else there is to sock knitting, instead of my usual method of learning new knitting skills: attempting the technique while juggling an instruction book on my lap and fighting off two cats with my elbows.

Luckily, I started yet another project Saturday morning, so I'll definitely have something to keep me busy until the next sock class....

(By the way, over the weekend I discovered another knitting superpower I would like to have: the ability to correctly count my cast-on stitches. At this point, this skill would almost have to arrive in the form of a superpower, because no amount of practice has yet helped. Three years of casting on and I can still count my stitches five times and come up with five different numbers. Sheesh)

Yay! Socks are fun. I am so jealous you know how to Magic Loop. I need to learn that one of these days!
Gorgeous sock. I am like you I despise dpn's and only use Magic Loop. I took two toe up classes and one cuff down. I've successfully knitted two single socks and am currently working on the 2nd sock of a pair! Good Luck!
I'll trade you my circulars for your dpns? :D

Socks look great and I love the color!
Good for you for taking a class! Glad to hear you've found something that works for you.
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