Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Knitting on a couch outside of class tonight

Fellow Student: I wish I knew how to do that. A co-worker was going to show me, but she quit before we got around to it.

Me: Well, you should take a beginner's knitting class or something. It's a lot of fun.

Fellow Student: Yeah, I was telling my friends we should take a class, you know, so we could, like, sit around and knit like old ladies and stuff.

Me: .........

Stunned me into silence, she did. Though now that I think about it, isn't eighteen a little young to be let into college anyway? And stuff?

Dude, when you're all like sitting around and you decide to knit an old lady, like, let me know and I'll totally bring knitty kitty for a visit. And stuff.
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