Friday, February 16, 2007


I even like pink foods.

About half a mile from my house is a new store called Canterbury that sells imported British goods. I checked it out the other day and was delighted to find out that many of the imports are foods. Which are, of course, one of my favorite things EVAH.

I don't exactly know what to do with golden syrups and clotted creams, but I plan on finding out. In the meantime, I just had to pick up a package of mini battenburgs, which I first heard of on Yarnstorm several months ago. She made her own, of course, (and knit a matching tea cosy!) because she is just awesome like that. Me, I was just happy to discover battenburgs of any sort in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

They are adorable little cakes wrapped up by a marzipan, and they are deliciously almondy and apricoty. Even if they are store-bought. And their coloring reminded me of a certain scarf that has been blocking for days and days and days, the pins still trapping it's curled edges to a flat surface.

I unpinned the scarf, transferred it back to its knitting needle, and shook it violently. I'm happy to report that Forbes Forest now only possesses an inkling to curl. And now that I know I'll be able to keep it in line, I can continue knitting it!

After I finish off another battenburg, of course.

Oooh, congrats on getting most of the curl out. It's going to be gorgeous. Those little cakes look yummy too!
I was looking for the history of battenburgs and discovered you were listed on google page #4
Prairie knitter and your recent post about battenburgs in okc...nanda's
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