Tuesday, January 30, 2007



Yesterday was Rick's birthday. (Happy Birthday, sweetie!) Unfortunately, I was really unprepared for it. I tend to think about the gifts I give for a long time, completely and unnecessarily stressing myself out over giving THE. PERFECT. GIFT.

But not this year. Still hung over from Christmas shopping, I waited until the last minute to start thinking of a birthday gift. By that time, it was too late to rope in other folks to go in together on a large gift or to order something online.

I also forgot how old Rick was. I told at least four people that this birthday would be his 39th. Then last week, Rick mentioned his 38th birthday coming up. Like an idiot, I politely tried to correct him.

"Um, sweetie? Do you...I mean...Is that how old you think you will be?"

"Um, yes. Because that is how old I'll be."

Whoops. So I accidentally aged my husband a year, putting him much too close to forty for comfort, scrounged up a gift that was something he could use but definitely not something he wanted, and then. Then he opened his birthday card.

"Oh, I always love this card."

Excuse me? You always love this card? That's right. I have apparently given him the same birthday card several times in the last ten years.

Sorry, sweetie. I'm going to start thinking about your gift for next year's birthday RIGHT NOW. But you may want to remind me occasionally that you're not turning forty yet.

Happy Belated Birthday, Rick :)
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