Monday, January 29, 2007


Trouble in Scarfsville

So I'm knitting and knitting and knitting away, and suddenly I stop and look at the progress because it looks like I've knit almost a foot! I'm almost a fifth or sixth of the way done! Go me! And then I see...

The curl. Check out the curl on this scarf. Especially on the left side there. I've tugged it, I've pulled it, I've tried my darnest to ignore it. But it just keeps curling. So I googled "Forbes Forest curl" and sure enough, lots of blogs pop up that essentially say, "I loved knitting this scarf, but I wish it didn't curl so much."

Hmmph. So now I have a dilemna. I can either 1) ignore the curl, pretending that it won't be there when it's done and my scarf will drape just as prettily as it does in the book, 2) continue knitting, pretending that I'll be able to block the curl out even though every tutorial on blocking ever written tells you that you will not be able to block a curl out, or 3) frog it and start a different pattern for the pink scarf.

Number One really isn't very bloody likely. There is just no way I will be able to ignore the curl. If I continue to knit this pattern, I'm likely to hold it up every couple rows just to confirm that the curl really is as bad as I think it is.

Number Three is probably the most rational choice, because I am sure that I will not like a scarf that curls up like that. How will I show off my pretty cables if they're inside a curl? And doesn't this wonderful yarn deserve better?

Unfortunately, I don't feel very rational or practical. In fact, I'm inclined towards Number Two. Partially because I spent a week or so deciding on this scarf pattern and then carefully picking my yarn and then patiently (very patiently, remember all the ice here) waiting on my yarn to arrive. But mostly because I love this pattern so much, and I really, really want things to work out between us. I want it so bad (and here's the crazy part) that I start to think I might actually be able to WILL THE CURL AWAY.

So what would you do, knitters? Any tips, suggestions, or references to loony bins? Thank you.

Well definately try blocking it. But I'd also suggest maybe finding a really nice flannel or some other fabric to line the back with and hold it in place?
I'd probably go with Option Number Two as well. It's a gorgeous scarf, and it would just be too hard to give up on!
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