Tuesday, January 09, 2007


A nerd can dream.

So, I was just thinking to myself, "Man, I really wish there was a Netflix for books," when I realized, "Duh! It's called the library!"

At least I didn't say it out loud or anything (or does putting it up on the Internet count?). And though I love love love having an online card catalog, in a way that the teenagers of today will never understand because they've always had an online card catalog, what I would really like is a rating system like Netflix has for movies.

That way, I could check up on my friends and see what books they're reading, what books they want to read next, and what books they've liked or think people should steer clear of. You get the drift. Wouldn't that be fun?

And also, maybe the library could deliver the books in big red envelopes.

I just found LibraryThing.com. But that's for books that you own already. I'm sure there is something similar out there eh?
Love the library ( i'll fully admit to a raging bias, being a librarian) and librarything is amazing! I love to look at what other people own who have one book in common with me in their library.

the problem with libraries having fancypants software like librarything or amazon is that we're at the bottom of the food chain, being nonprofits we have to wait for someone with cash to develop such software and for it to get cheap before we can have it :(

but I love to see what other people own on library thing and also what other people bought when looking at books on amazon.

ok rant over:p
I always find books to request at the library by searching Amazon first for new titles. It works really well, and I can while away an hour or two adding books to my request list.

Of course, then they all come in at the same time and I end up with lots of overdue fines, but it's all worth it!
I had a similar thought once not too long ago. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure I DID say it out loud, and for some reason, I think I did it in the presence of your husband (maybe not, but I think it was Rickus). And, if memory serves, and we all know how my memory is - jinkies!, his reply was something akin to "Um, Nanda, it's called a library." So, at least you figured it out on your own (I don't call you Katie Smartypants for nothing, ya know).
It's just too bad that the library doesn't deliver, especially for us rural folks out in Cowtown...
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