Wednesday, November 29, 2006


The Weatherman

I have not had a television since 2000. I have really enjoyed the liberation from TV, and I have my computer for watching movies and episodes of Lost. (I can give up the TV, y'all, but I can't give up the Lost). But because I don't have a television, I also don't have the evening news, which means I also don't have the weather on the evening news. Sure, I could just check the weather online, but I faced the fact long ago that I just won't remember to do it. I never think about the weather until I step outside and experience it myself.

In the last six years, my mother has become my own personal weatherman. Tired of seeing me show up in a T-shirt in thirty-degree weather, sheepishly saying, "Who knew the temperature was going to drop?", she has taken it upon herself to call me whenever there is a drastic change in the weather. This being Oklahoma, I get these calls quite frequently.

Last night, she called me to tell me about the winter storm blowing in. And to tell me to wear a coat ("I will, Mom."). And to remind me to put my ice scraper in my car ("It's already there, Mom.") And to tell me that I should unscrew the water hoses from the house ("Um. I'll be sure to have Rick do that, Mom.").

Before hanging up, she said, "I feel like there's something else I should warn you about, but I can't remember it right now."

That's my mom. She probably hoped she'd raise a kid smart enough to own a TV, if for no other reason than to know what tomorrow's weather will be, but she sticks with me anyway. No matter how old I get, she's always looking out for me. Even when I don't want her to. Even when we don't see eye to eye. She's a fantastic mother and my best friend. And I can always count on her getting my back.

Being my father's daughter I have always had a tv but many years ago a tornado was sited in the middle of the night. It was heading my direction. I was sound asleep and the phone rings. It's my dad and in a very calm voice (trying not to panic his daughter who was terrified of tornados) he said "why don't you get in the bathroom....there is a tornado headed your way". I mumbled something...after all I was SOUND asleep. It took a few minutes for my sleepy brain to connect and the alarm bells to go off. Then I jumped up and took cover. I miss him.
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