Sunday, November 19, 2006


Self-Portrait Sunday: Get a Haircut

I like to wear my hair really short. Shorter than most men, actually. I've been wearing my hair at various short lengths since I was fifteen years old and have found that I like the ultra-short best. Because, you know, it's fun to be called "Sir" by my blind elderly patients.

I know it's time to get a haircut when my hair starts to touch my ears. I can't stand the feel of it! When my hair is in that in-between stage--too long to do anything with it but not yet time for a haircut--I often just get out whatever barrettes I can find and clip it down to my head. My hairdresser knows I'm in dire need for a haircut when I call her and say, "Well, Rebecca, I had to bring out the barrettes today."

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