Sunday, November 12, 2006


Self-Portrait Sunday: broken

When I was eight, my right pinky finger was broken in a tragic karate-chop accident at my elementary school. Standing in line for P.E., my friend and I were taking turns karate-chopping each other. The part where maybe I wasn't thinking too clearly was that I was allowing myself to be karate chopped by a boy who took karate lessons (boy, did my mom let me have it for that). After a few hits, SNAP! My pinky finger was hanging limply to the side.

Apparently, I didn't think too clearly as a child, period. Right after that happened, as my eyes filled with tears and the pain sunk in, my friend said, "Don't tell anyone! We'll be in trouble for playing in line!" And so I didn't tell anyone. I was so afraid of getting in trouble that I held the pain for the last two hours of school and all the way home on the bus.

When I got home, I was glad to see that my dad was there. I immediately broke into tears and explained what had happened. He, of course, was torn between finding the kid who had hurt me and taking me to the ER. Luckily, the ER won out. Unfortunately, however, the doctor who placed the cast did not set the bone correctly, and as you can see, I have had a deformed pinky ever since.
I can't bend it or straighten it all the way, but it is fun for grossing out squeamish people.

Oh MY! Do you know I never noticed that? Good topic for SPS though, useful really lol
That's sure a crooked, little pinky that you have there, Katie. I bet it was great for show and tell after it healed. : )
Yeah I am one of those squemish people.

The stupid things we do as children. That could be a whole series of posts.
Yes but is it easier to get at those deep ear itches? LOL, I've seen worse but I could see some people getting freaked out by it.
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