Friday, November 10, 2006


Now, where did I last see her?

A couple days ago, I lost my wallet. I spent a frantic thirty minutes searching the house and the car for it before I absolutely had to leave for work. During the car ride, I frantically called Rick and relayed the message that "Oh my God, I left my wallet at the grocery store last night and right now as we speak our money and our identies are being stolen!!!!!"

Rick immediately called the bank to have my debit card deactivated, and I immediately found my wallet. In my car. While driving.

When I drove to the bank to re-activate my card, the customer service representative began laughing. Apparently, the employee who deactivates the card must leave a note describing why the card needed deactivating. The note attached to my account read, "Husband called to deactivate card on account of lost wife."


that was great for a morning laugh...thank you
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