Thursday, November 09, 2006


Now if I could only knit on the job.

I just realized I never gave much of an update on how my new job as a home health nurse has been going. That's primarily because I made a conscious decision not to. If I learned one thing in nursing school, it's that HIPAA equals LAWSUIT. But I just wanted to let you know how things stand. So here it is. In list form.

1. I love working during the day and sleeping at night. I think it's been hard on Rick, who prefers, if given the chance, to spread himself out over an entire queen size bed. But I've been sleeping like a baby.

2. It's been a really strange adjustment to a totally different style of nursing. It's probably going to sound arrogant, but I'm used to being "the best" at my job. I'm used to being the one that co-workers go to for help, not the other way around. It's not bad, just different, and I think it's good for me to break free of my comfort zone.

3. Better pay means more yarn in my future. When Christmas is behind me. I mean, when I get my mojo again.

4. My fear about walking into a patient's house to be greeted by ten thousand cockroaches...has mercifully not happened....yet.

5. One of my favorite patients has Alzheimer's. I see her every day and she recognizes me, but doesn't know my name or that I'm a nurse. Every day when she sees me, she says in her thick southern accent, "I just LOVE your hair." Brightens my day each time.

Oooh, that's so sweet about your patient! I'm glad your new job seems to be going so well :)
I'm so glad you're enjoying your new job. One of the wonderful things about nursing is that you can work in so many areas/specialties.

Have a great weekend and I'm thrilled that your kitty found her way home!

Have a wonderful weekend.
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