Saturday, November 18, 2006



This is my Grandma at Christmas Eve last year, modeling the OU scarf and hat I knit for her. She's a knitter from way back, and currently mostly enjoys knitting baby blankets. Sometimes she knits a baby blanket even when she doesn't know anyone who is pregnant, because she knows that eventually someone will be. Isn't she cute?

I'm currently trying to motivate myself to finish this year's Christmas knits. I am knitting very small gifties from leftover yarns, and I thought they would not be very time consuming. But just as I finish one of the little buggers, I remember someone that I'd forgotten, and of course they need a little knitted gift, too. Couple this with the fact that each item is basically the same pattern, and I must admit that this year's batch of gifts have become a bit tedious.

I will persevere, though, because there are two fun parts to knitting Christmas presents. The first is seeing the recipient open your gift, particularly if they really appreciate it. That appreciation level usually quadruples if you've knitted for a fellow knitter, as most people can't comprehend why you spent sixty hours knitting a scarf when you could have just purchased one (and for cheaper, too!).

The second fun part about Christmas knitting is that once I'm done, I will pick something that is all for me. And it won't be from leftover yarn!

I agree, that is the exciting part! Press on my knit-sib; Fun stuff awaits!
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