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About a week and a half ago, Rick and I took in a new kitty cat. She is a stray that we had been feeding off and on for a couple of months. When she came to us looking skinnier than ever and was then attacked by one of the neighborhood bully cats, I scooped her up and brought her inside.

She looks a lot like my Shiva, with gray hair where Shiva has black, and a little spotty nose. At first, Shiva and the new gray kitty did not get along at all. The last week and a half have been full of hissing, growling, side-swiping and chasing. The two had just started to get along well, until my terrible mistake today.

Apparently, when I left the house this morning, I locked the door behind me but did not shut the door all the way. I came home to a wide open door. Thank God, Shiva was still inside, sleeping on the couch. Little Loki (who we'd finally named two days ago) was gone.

I haven't seen her at all tonight and feel just terrible. I had not purchased a collar and nametag for her yet, because we weren't sure if we would be keeping her. We were waiting to see if she and Shiva could live together relatively peacefully.

Two lessons learned today: Always (always!) make sure the door is closed. And if I ever bring in another pet, get a collar and nametag on them immediately.

I hope Loki will come back when she gets hungry enough, just as she has for the past couple months. In the meantime, I am certainly thankful my Shiva is still with me. It's amazing how she has worked her way into my heart over the last eight months. I've been hugging and squeezing poor little Shiva to death tonight.

Sorry for the depressing post. I didn't really feel like posting at all, but Rick suggested that I go ahead and write it all out. He was right (as usual). Here are a few pictures I managed to snap of her a couple days ago.

Thanks for listening. I'll let you know if she comes back.

I feel for you Katie. Last March I went on a week's vacation and had a friend come in to feed and care for Lexi while I was gone. One day she went out the door locking it behind her but didn't check that it latched. That night a big storm came thru with high winds. It blew that door open. She did not come back to check on Lexi for two days. She found that wide open door and about died. She started searching for Lexi and couldn't find her. So she called another friend who "knew" Lexi better and she directed her to a closet. Sure enough my sweet baby was hunkered down hiding. When my friend tried to pet her Lexi hissed and growled at her. I got home and found a kitty who was very glad to see me but had matted hair underneath her topcoat. I couldn't figure out why. A week later, my friend "confessed". It still makes me sick to think of what could have happened. But my Lexi knew where she was loved and safe. I bet your kitty will come back. She got a taste of your love and she'll remember.
She's so pretty! I wouldn't be surprised if she comes back :)
Great photos! She'll probably show up soon.

I also have to tell you I haven't mailed your prize. I was at the post office and remembered that I had something that I thought really needed to go in the box. I finally unearthed those somethings last night and am putting them in the mail today... right after I vote!!

Don't forget to vote today!!!
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