Friday, November 24, 2006


It's probably a good thing I have to work today.

Rick, brave soul that he is, was the one to venture forth into the land of Crazy Shoppers today. I am happy to report that his adventure went much better than mine last year. Of course, his trajectory did not take him near Circuit City, which as far as I am concerned, is the true root of all evil.

Instead, Rick went to Academy to pick up a gift that we saw in yesterday's newspaper flyers. He reports that the gift we sought was not at all the hot item being purchased at Academy. The draw for the bulk of the customers appears to have been gun sheds. Storage closets for guns. Apparently, the price was very good and many people were buying three or four gun sheds.

Am I the only one a little frightened by this? Where have these people been keeping all these guns while waiting for the price for gun sheds to drop? I just hope the Academy shoppers didn't have to wait in line at Circuit City this morning is all I'm saying.

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