Friday, November 17, 2006


If only I were this dedicated to dieting.

Rick and I rarely go to the movies. We used to quite frequently, but as we get older, we become less and less tolerant of other people in the movie theater. The way I see it, I just paid eight or nine dollars to see a movie (for which I had to walk uphill in the snow--whoops! Wrong old fogey story. How the memory goes!)--I might as well be able to see the movie in peace. Without someone tapping their foot on the back of my chair. And definitely without someone nearby talking all through the movie. And if I see you talking on your cell phone, someone had better hold me back or I will rip it from your hands and throw it against the wall while laughing maniacally. Because, yes, this last bit here...this is a personal dream of mine.

It's probably a good thing that we usually decide to stay in and watch whatever Netflix recently sent us. So why am I going to go to the movies this weekend, one of the busiest weekends of the year for movies? And why would I go to an animated movie with many children in the audience, practically guaranteeing much talking out of turn, seat-kicking, and probably a couple of CRYING BABIES?

Because the teaser trailer for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix will be shown in front of Happy Feet, that's why. And I want to see that 54 seconds on the big screen at least once before resigning to watching downloaded versions on my little laptop for eight months.

We'd better get there early and get a seat on the back row.

Oh dear, I'm with ya on that one! A few weeks ago I got kicked in the NECK. I had fantasies of yanking the toddler's shoe off, whacking the parent with it, and then throwing the shoe as far as I could. ;)

PS: I'm here 'cause NaBloPoMo suggested "de-lurk and comment like crazy!"
That's why I don't go to the theatres anymore also. I always get the kid behind me who wants to kick the back of my seat OR the long legged person who wants to rest their knees against the back of my seat OR someone who sits in front of me with a hat or who is exceptionally tall and I can't see around them. In addition to the reasons you gave also! What happened to good manners??
Heee, I went this afternoon with Shelly. HAAAARRRYYYYYY! *dies happily*

*wakes up because she realizes there will be a longer trailer at some point*

Happy Feet was ok, lol.
Okay. So, you found your way to the theater, secured your ticket, braved the talking and seat-kicking, baby-crying masses... aaaaaand? How. was. the. trailer?
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