Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I think I'm turning Japanese, I think I'm turning Japanese...

My winnings from Fannie Pie's blog contest came in yesterday!

Three skeins of Noro Kujaku! First Suduko, now Kujaku. I'm quite international lately. :) I'm not sure what this Noro is destined to become, but for right now, it's sure pretty to look at.

Sue also included a lot of little prizes, including two pewter Harry Potter bookmarks (which will come in very handy for my re-reads before Book 7) and another bookmark which my husband promptly claimed for his own. Librarians rock! Especially when they have to practically give away the answer to their own blog contest (in bold letters, no less), but still send the fibery prize anyway! Thanks, Fannie Pie!

Great, now I'm gonna have the song in my head all night.

Congrats on your winnings ;)
Awesome prize. That Fannie Pie, so generous! Now, what I want to know is why haven't you joined my KAL yet?
The Japanese make the best stuff.
Claimed for his own because he helped you guess, right? Right? :^p Congrats, you winner you!
Emma--I've been enjoying reading your KAL. The main reason I haven't joined yet is pure laziness. Will rectify that soon!

Nanda--Nope! I thunk up that answer all on my own. Rick just likes pink kitty cats, I guess.
Well, really, who could resist such a cute pink kwitty kwitty?
You're very welcom! Congrats on winning! I meant to mention that 3 skeins is just enough for a booga bag, if you're so inclined....

The HP bookmarks were what delayed the package.. I remebered that I had them, just couldn't remember where I put them! I thought you were the perfect person to get those!
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