Saturday, November 11, 2006


I find that lists work well when you are feeling uninspired.

First day off in twelve days and what did I do:

--spent my first two waking hours in bed with a book
--contemplated cleaning house and doing laundry (but never did start)
--drank me some Tazo
--bought Los Tacos burritos and took them to mom's
--read all the gossip in the last four weeks of People magazine
--general hanging out with the fam
--worked my first Sudoku puzzle
--finished one of my Christmas knits
--started my period

That last one really sucked.

Hee! Sounds fun. Except for that last one.
Mmm the first item sounds lovely.
I have a great Sudoku link online. Free....timed or relaxing. lol Addictive for sure!
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