Wednesday, November 15, 2006


How Many "To Knit" Lists Can A Girl Have?

I am a chronic list-maker. Give me a few minutes of down time, and I'll think up something to make a list of. Sometimes it's a grocery list. Sometimes it's a "to do" list. Sometimes it's a list of Things To Do For Our Ten Year Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony That Is So Not Likely To Happen Because It Would Cost More Money Than I Care to Spend. Y'all know.

I hope.

So in the spirit of outing oneself publicly, and at the risk of turning this month into NaLisPoMo, here is the embarrassing list of lists that I have created over the past year and a half. At least, the ones that were apparently worth saving in my Documents folder. Ahem.

Books To Read
Future Knits (doesn't this sound like a legitimate pattern book theme?)
Improvements to Make to the House
Questions to Ask Home Health Agencies
Ideas for Hand-Made Christmas Gifts
Knitting Plans 2006
Soap-Making Scents to Try
How to Organize the Dining Room
How to Organize the Living Room
How to Organize the Kitchen and Breakfast Nook
How to Organize the Utility Room
How to Organize the Hall Closet

(Okay, I need to take a break and ask a question here. How many of y'all are thinking that maybe if I'd spent half as much time cleaning my house as I did on these lists, I'd already be a bit more organized? Yeah. Me too.)

Things To Do Before I Die
Behr Paint Colors That I Like (you know, in case thinking about life and death gets too heavy)
Places I Want To Go in OKC
Workout Schedule: August 22 to September 30, 2005
Upcoming Church Schedule
Knitting Plans
Christmas List
My Christmas List (I can think about giving to OTHER PEOPLE for only so long)
Recipes To Try
Goals for the House 2007
Preliminary Plans for the Yard
Modified Knitting Plans 2006
OU Requirements: RN to BSN
Things I Could Spend Money on Right Now

and my personal favorite, which shows that I am always willing to share my talent of list-making with my loved ones:

Things for Rick To Do

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