Wednesday, November 08, 2006


A Harlot-inspired Election?

One of the outcomes of yesterday's election was a repeal of the ban on selling liquor on an election day. Oklahoma has some of the craziest liquor laws, and I'm glad to see this one go. I'd also like our grocery stores to be able to carry wine. Because I am prone to paranoia and conspiracy theories, I blame the oil and gas companies for that law: "They'll have to buy more gas if they have to drive to both the grocery store AND the liquor store!" The Yarn Harlot had an unfortunate run-in with the election day law back in July. I was so excited about our election yesterday that I sent her an email this morning:


Thank you so much for coming to Oklahoma on your book tour last July. The Okie knitters had a blast listening to you speak and getting our books signed. Our only regret was that you had the misfortune of being in town on election day, and had to resort to drinking Budweiser due to our crazy liquor law that bans the sell of liquor on the day of an election.

I just wanted to let you know that after yesterday’s statewide election, the ban on selling liquor on election day has been repealed. The people of Oklahoma have spoken and we want to drink it up before/while/after we vote! So the next time you’re planning a trip to our state, you won’t need to plan around elections to get a decent drink.

I like to think that one of our legislators is a closet knitter who read about your predicament on your blog and decided then and there that (by God!) something needed to be done!


Ha! Awesome.
If ever there was a law that needed repealing...

(Completely as a side note - my word verification for this very comment is "igotu" and now I have a Sonny & Cher song stuck in my head!)
I thought the exact same thing--I think we should call this the "Yarn Harlot Law."

Of course, since this is Oklahoma, maybe we should just call it the "YHL," but that sounds like some kind of sports league.
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