Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Happy October

Apparently, all I had to do was say how much I like the cooler weather for there to be a sudden warm-front to ruin my weekend gardening plans. I couldn''t plant and transplant when the 10-day forecast calls for 90 degree days....

So what did I do instead of planting? I had me an 8-hour Lost-fest!! Woohoo!

And I did start a wee little something out of this pretty stuff:

I'm also doing a bit of Christmas knitting, which I can't post pictures of, so it's going to be slim pickings around here for awhile. Actually, I've been feeling a bit too plugged in lately, if you know what I mean, so I'm going to take a short break from blogging this month. I want to really enjoy this October, which for me means being outdoors and offline! Hopefully, I'll have plenty of knitty tales to present when I return later this month. Otherwise, you'll have to endure endless little quips about nothing, such as the bachelor food that Rick whipped up for himself the other night (and which I will now record for posterity):

Hashbrowns topped with two fried eggs topped with leftover chili topped with seasoned fries topped with cheddar cheese.


Happy October, everybody! See you soon.

You know the whole smallish October break... thing? It's about over, right? Maybe?
Withdrawals suck.
Dear Knitta,

Your absence has started to affect my productivity at work. In a good way. Please come back from your break soon so I can return to my previous happy state of being a lazy cog.

To make up for it, you should participate (okay, WE should participate) in National Blog Writing Month in November...

You're doing this for the comments, aren't you?

Happy to oblige. Especially since I ferked up the link in my last comment. Go here instead, if'n you wanna, for the skinny on National Blog Writing Month, an event thunked up by Fussy:

Relentless you are! I promise, I'll write soon. :)
My puny plan is working! Mwuhahahahaha!
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