Monday, October 23, 2006


A cuppa tea

Two of my favorite tastes right now are both Tazo teas. I've always enjoyed them, but lately, these teas are just rocking my world. Every cup is an event and I've been savoring my Tazo's the way a wine afficionado savors really good wine?

I could never describe how much I love these teas, due to the double curses of an under-developed palate and a diminuitive vocabulary. I have never sampled a wine and thought to myself, "Well, well. I can definitely taste the oak and that tastes like apricots, and why, could that be a hint of celeriac leaf?" Unfortunately, when I drink wine, I am more likely to think, "Boy, a mudslide sure would taste good right about now."

Just know that I love my tea enough to get out the Nikon and take pictures of tea bags. And to sip a steaming cuppa Zen while getting ready for bed just now. Nighty night.

Pretty pictures! And now I am craving a cup of tea...
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Tazo Chai Rocks!
It's that time of year again.. tea is perfect for the cooler weather or baileys and coffee.

I also went to see David Sedaris! He was great, and I'm even having a little contest on my blog~ it was my anniversary and David Sedaris gave DH and I a present~Guess what David Sedaris gave me and you could win a fibery prize!
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