Friday, October 27, 2006


Behold the masterpiece...

...and please ignore the fact that I took a really blurry picture of it in the bathroom.

This October, the Prairie Knitter became a Pumpkin Carver. Would y'all believe that until this month, I had never carved a pumpkin before? My family always either completely skipped the pumpkin-carving and went straight for Mom's home-made pink-food-colored popcorn balls, or we painted the jack-o-lanterns instead of carving them. In hindsight, I'm pretty sure my mother's love of painted pumpkins had less to do with an appreciation of portraiture and more to do with a desire not to have her clumsy daughter anywhere near knives and other carving tools.

Smart lady. I almost took a finger off a couple of times while working on my pumpkin.
And because I always feel a strange desire to disclose all my dorkiness online, I must tell you that my original plan was to create three Harry Potter-inspired jack-o-lanterns for Halloween. I designed the owl for Hedwig, and I also wanted to do a lightning bolt and a golden snitch. After Hedwig took me FIVE HOURS, however, I decided the other two looked pretty darn good as just pumpkins. It was only after I finished that I realized I was using one of my pumpkin carving tools incorrectly and could have probably done the thing in an hour.

I should have started with the lightning bolt.

Awww I love Hedwig!!

I might have to do that to my pumpkin if we carve this weekend! Or something similar ;)
Wow, I *love* your pumpkin! And fortunately all your fingers are still intact! Would you believe, I never did any pumpkin carving yet - will have to start it this year, Halloween is getting more and more of a huge party over here in Austria as well! ;)
Your. pumpkin. RAWKS. I meant to say something before now, but everytime I see the pumpkin I get sidetracked by its awesomeness.
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