Tuesday, September 12, 2006



I got to knit today! Not only did I knit, but I have two newly finished objects to show for it! Two! Eat your hearts out, knit-bloggers! The Prairie Knitta has officially completed her FIFTH and SIXTH finished objects of the year!

Wait. I'd better not announce that so loudly. The Knit Blog Police might arrest me for not meeting my FO quota. And they might even kick me out if I mention that HALFof my six FO's are scarves.


(Pictures to follow sometime soon. Now to decide which of my stash yarns would make a good pair of Fetchings.)

This is the knit blog police. So far tickets are only issued on blogs that "sit" too long without posts. :-)
Can't wait to see the photos. And YAY for another pair of Fetching(s?) in the world. It's a fun pattern.
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