Monday, September 25, 2006


The yarn is always...greener?

I'm afraid I have a case of the knitting blahs. It's strange, because I have a catalog--in books and online and in To Knit Lists--of enough knitting patterns to keep me busy for a lifetime. But none of them are grabbing me right now. Usually when this happens, all it takes is a quick trip to the yarn store, because a new yarn will call out to me and decide what needs to be knit. Unfortunately, this trip to the yarn store is OFF LIMITS right now because I just bought a new car and um, haven't bought the tags yet because I'm waiting for my paycheck! (Who knew that the tags didn't come with the car? Oh yeah. That would be everyone but me, because I've never bought a car before. Whoops!)

This means that I need to knit from The Stash. The Stash always looks fine to me when I'm already knitting something. Now that I have nothing on the needles, nothing in The Stash looks knit-worthy. Kinda the equivalent of standing in front of a closet full of clothes and pouting about having nothing to wear, I guess.

I want new yarn!

I was bemoaning my current lack of motivation to my husband last night. In his infinite patience and kindness, Rick listened to my spoiled whining and then said a remarkable thing. He said, "You could knit something for me in Lion Brand."

You can discern a few things from this comment. First off, I must talk about Lion Brand disparagingly, despite the fact that I knit with it every so often and am interested in trying out some Microspun. Second, Rick would willingly accept a gift knitted with a yarn I speak badly of, just to help me buy new yarn and not break the bank. Third, and possibly most important, my husband is actually listening when I rant and rave about yarn!

What a guy!

Awww, that's so sweet! Congrats on the new car, but seriously, you thought tags came with it?!?
Um, yeah. I thought everything was included with the price at the dealer. Hee hee, joke's on me! In my defense, I've only had one car since I turned sixteen so this car-buying stuff is new to me!
he's a keeper for sure.
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