Tuesday, September 05, 2006


This has been a public service announcement.

So. Three weeks into the new semester, it's now obvious that I will have to drop my Statistics course. Math and I have never been BFF's or anything, but I don't think we can even be aquaintances anymore. Never, in my scariest dreams of what Statistics would be like (and believe me, lots of people put the scare in me), did I imagine that I would need to spend 40 hours a week just getting homework done.

I learned (at least) two lessons from this experience. If you're trying to increase your grade point average from a 1.7 (which you earned as a ridiculous 18-year-old-valedictorian-gone-wild) to something a nursing program will accept, don't enroll in Statistics, particularly since it's not even a required course. And if you do make such a silly mistake, make sure you drop out in the second week of class so you can get your money back.

Because you could knit a couple sweaters with luxury yarn with that money.

Statistics was required for my degree. I took it once at a jr college level. I dropped it also. The instructor would work a problem on the board, the board would be full and someone would point out an error, he'd say "chalkboard priviliges" and go back to correct but never explain why. Grrr!!! When I took it a few years later, we had a great instructor who held our hands and taught in "bite size" pieces so we'd understand. Whew!!
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