Friday, September 15, 2006


The Razor's Edge

Pattern: Razor Cami, from
Yarn: Sirdar Snuggly, in aquamarine, 3 balls
Needles: US size 5, 16" circulars
Comments: This pattern is addictive. As some other Razor-cami knitter said on some other blog (I don't remember who, sorry!), the lace pattern is easy enough that you can tell where you are when you pick up your knitting, but complicated enough to keep you interested. I could have knit on the body of this thing for forever, it was so fun. The straps, however....Well, the straps were what kept me from finishing this tank a week ago.

The problems I had were 100% my own fault (as usual), since I decided to blatantly disregard the pattern. I decided early on in the strap-making process that I didn't care for the five-stitch-wide, 1x1 rib that the pattern calls for. I tried a three-stitch 1x1 rib and didn't like it either. I finally found The One when I knit an I-cord. A long time ago I read somewhere that for an I-cord strap, you should do one strap on the front and one on the back and connect them together at the shoulder. I attempted this the only way I knew how, with a three-needle bind-off. While I have used it successfully on a little girl's sweater, this time the bind-off left a globular mass on each shoulder. Not at all what I was going for. Unwilling (as usual) to frog my work, I taught myself Kitchener stitch and quickly learned that I absolutely hate it, as it left even larger globular masses on my shoulders.

Nine attempts and fifteen stress pimples later, it finally hit me. I could just make the I-cords long enough and stitch them just inside the back edging. Such an obvious solution, it's a little embarrassing to admit I didn't think of it sooner. Really, ya'll. Making mountains out of molehills is a talent, right?

But enough about strap issues! Here's a shot of the back:

And here's a detail of the pattern:

I'm off to a Flaming Lips concert, wearing a tank top I MADE MYSELF! I love knitting! Happy weekend!

Eeeee! It's awesome! I hope someday to be so cute I can wear something like that!

Kay mentioned that there was a Flaming Lips concert and first I thought "damn it, where have I been?!" and then I thought that you probably were on your way there. LOL
Lovely cami! You did a great job!
i love the cami!!

we just got back from the concert. HELL YES!
Awesome! It looks really good, and I love the color.
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